Tuesday 8 May 2012

In antiquity, there was the story of a daughter of the king in West Java, named Dayang Sumbi.Ia have a son who was named Sangkuriang. The child was very fond of hunting.He was hunting with Tumang accompanied by the dog's favorite palace. Sangkuriang do not know, that dog is the incarnation of the god and father.

One day Tumang not follow his orders to pursue prey. So the dog is expelled into the woods.When he returned to the palace, Sangkuriang tell the story of his mother. Dayang Sumbi not play angry when he heard the story. He accidentally hit his head Sangkuriang rice with a spoon in her hand. Sangkuriang injured. He was very upset and went wandering. 

After event, Dayang Sumbi very sorry for himself. He was always very diligent to pray and meditate. On one occasion, the gods gave him a gift. He will be forever young and has a timeless beauty.

After years of wandering, Sangkuriang eventually intends to return to his homeland. Arriving there, the kingdom has changed completely. There he met a beautiful girl, who was none other Sumbi Dayang. Fascinated by the beauty of women is so, Sangkuriang proposed. Therefore it is very handsome young man, Dayang was very fascinated him Sumbi.

One day Sangkuriang asked permission to hunt. He asked for help Dayang Sumbi to spruce up the headband. Dayang Sumbi was surprised, seeing the scars on the head of her future husband. The cut was exactly like a wound that has left her to leave. After a long period of attention, the young man's face was very similar to his face. He became very frightened.

So then he sought to thwart the efforts of the suit. He filed two terms. First, he asked the young man to stem the Citarum river. And second, he was asked to make a canoe Sangkuriang large to cross the river. The second condition that must be met before dawn.

That night Sangkuriang do penance. With his power he mobilized supernatural creatures to help finish the job. Dayang Sumbi secretly peek at the work. Once the work was almost complete, Dayang Sumbi ordered his troops to hold a red silk cloth to the east of the city.

When watching the colors redden in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought it was late morning. He also stopped work. He was very upset because it meant he could not qualify the requested Dayang Sumbi.With his strength, he made his break through the dam. There followed the great flood swept through the city. He was later kicked a large canoe made. The boat drifted and crashed into a mountain named "Tangkuban Perahu."


Sunday 6 May 2012

Raden Putra is the King of Jenggala. He was accompanied by a consort of a kind and a beautiful concubine. However, the concubine of King Raden Putra has the nature of envy and malice against the empress. He is a bad plan to the empress. "Supposedly, I became empress. I must find a way to get rid of the empress," he thought.

Concubine of the king, conspired with a royal physician. He pretended to severe pain. The royal physician was called immediately. The physician said that someone had put poison in the drink lady. "The empress was none other than his own sire," said the physician. King was angry hearing the royal physician. He immediately ordered the empress patihnya to throw into the woods.
The governor immediately brought the empress who was carrying it into the wilderness. But, a wise governor did not want to kill him. Apparently the governor had known concubine king malicious intent. "Tuan's daughter not to worry, I will report to the king that the princess was servants killed," said the duke. To deceive the king, the duke of rabbit blood stain his sword with the arrest. Satisfied when the bear king's governor reported that he had killed the empress.

After several months in the jungle, was born the son of the empress. The baby was given the name Cindelaras. Cindelaras grow into a child who is smart and handsome. Since childhood he had been friends with the forest-dwelling animals. One day, when it was playing, an eagle dropped an egg. "Hmm, well it's kite. He deliberately gave eggs to me." After 3 weeks, the eggs hatch. Cindelaras chicks with diligent care. Chicks grow into a cock is nice and strong. But there is one oddity. The sound of roosters crowing was absolutely stunning! "... My lord Cindelaras Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his son Prince ..."

Cindelaras was amazed to hear chickens crowing and immediately showed his mother. Then, the mother tells the origin Cindelaras why they came to be in the woods. Listening to his mother, Cindelaras determined to expose the crime to the palace and harem of the king. Once let his mother, went to the palace Cindelaras accompanied by a rooster. When in the course there are some people who were cock fighting. Cindelaras penyabung then called by the chicken. "Come on, if you dare, chicken adulah jantanmu with my chicken," she challenged. "Well," replied Cindelaras. When pitted, it was a cock fight with the mighty Cindelaras and in a short time, he can beat his opponent. After a few times pitted, chicken Cindelaras unbeatable. Chicken is really tough.

News about the greatness of chicken Cindelaras spread quickly. Raden Putra had heard the news. Then, Raden Putra told hulubalangnya to invite Cindelaras. "I face your majesty," said Cindelaras with courtesy. "The boy is handsome and intelligent, it seems he is not a descendant of the common people," thought the king. Cindelaras pitted with chicken chicken Raden Putra with one condition, if the chicken Cindelaras lost his head so he would be beheaded, but if the chicken is half-won wealth belongs Cindelaras Raden Putra.Two chickens were fighting bravely. But in a short time, chicken chicken Cindelaras conquered the King. The audience cheered and cheered Cindelaras chicken. "Okay I admit defeat. I will keep my promise. But who are you, young man?" Asked the king Raden Putra. Cindelaras be bent like a whispered something in his chicken. Not how long the chicken immediately rang. "... My lord Cindelaras Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, the roof of palm leaves, Raden Putra father ...," the rooster's crowing over and over again. Raden Putra surprised to hear the rooster crow Cindelaras. "Is it true?" Asked the astonished king. "Yes sire, name Cindelaras servant, servant of the empress mother sire."

At the same time, the duke immediately face and tell you all the events that actually happened to the empress. "I've made a mistake," said the king Raden Putra. "I will give punishment to the mistress," continued the king in a rage. Then, the concubine of Raden Putra was to dispose of the woods. Raden Putra immediately embraced her and apologized for his mistake After that, Raden Putra and district chief consort to the woods to pick up soon .. Finally Raden Putra, empress and Cindelaras be reunited. After Raden Putra died, Cindelaras the place of the father. He ruled his country justly and wisely.

Lake Toba

Saturday 5 May 2012

In ancient times, there lived an orphaned peasant boy in the northern part of Sumatra island. The area is very dry. Syahdan, the young man's life from farming and fishing. One day he was fishing a very beautiful fish. The color is golden yellow. So holding, the fish turns into a beautiful princess. Daughter was the woman who was condemned for violating a ban. He will turn into a kind of creature that first touch. Because the human touch, it turns into a princess.

Fascinated by her beauty, the young farmer asked the princess to become his wife. Applications are accepted on the condition that the young man would not tell their origins from that farm ikan.Pemuda the agreed terms. After a year, the couple was blessed with a son. He has a bad habit that is never satiated. He ate all the food there.

One day the child was eating all the food from their parents. The young man was very annoyed said: "The basis of the offspring of fish!" That statement by itself unlock the secrets of this isterinya.Dengan their promise has been breached.

His wife and son disappeared mysteriously. Ground of their former footing menyemburlah springs. Water flowing from the springs is increasingly large. And became a vast lake. The lake now called Lake Toba.

Simalungun (Folklore From North Sumatra)

Once upon a time in North Sumatra, there were three small kingdoms. They were Silou Kingdom, Tanah Djawo Kingdom, and Raya Kingdom.
Those three kingdoms lived happily and peacefully. They got along very well and harmoniously. They knew by sticking together they would be very strong.
Those three kingdoms lived in very fertile land. The people were prosperous. They never lacked any food. Other kingdoms were jealous with those three kingdoms. They planned to attack them. However they knew that those three kingdoms were very strong. They wanted just to attack the kingdoms one by one.
The first kingdom that wanted to attack was Majapahit Kingdom. The kingdom tried to attack Tanah Djawo Kingdom.
One soldier reported to the King of Tanah Djawo Kingdom.
“Your Majesty, I have a bad news. Majapahit Kingdom is going to attack us.”
“I know Majapahit is such a great kingdom. We cannot fight them alone, we need to ask our best friends to help us,” said the king of Tanah Djawo Kingdom. Then he sent message to the kings of Silou Kingdom and Raya Kingdom.
The two kings responded the request. They sent their best soldiers to help the Tanah Djawo’s Kingdom. They did it! The three kingdoms were able to unite to fight the Majapahits. They made the Majapahit to leave their land.
Sadly, their problems did not stop. It seemed that other kingdom was ready to attack. Nobody knew who they were. One thing for sure lots of soldiers were ready to attack the three kingdoms. They did it simultaneously. They attacked the three kingdoms at one time, and that made the three kingdoms could not help each other. They were saving their own lives!
Slowly the three kingdoms lost the fight. They had to leave their places. They had to flee to find a safe place.
They found a good place. The people built houses for them to stay. They did not know when they would go back home.
Time passed by, their hiding place slowly became a small village. They have built houses, and they also had rice fields.
One of them said that he missed his sometown. He asked some people to go back home.
“I miss our hometown. Who wants to go back home with me?”
“I don’t. I love this place, this is already my home. Besides that, I’m afraid our enemies were stil. there”.
Well, some people also wanted to go back home.
“I will join you. I miss my hometown.”
Some people went back home. They brought some weapons, just in case the enemies were still there.
After spending months in the journey, they finally arrived.
Some of them were crying. Their hometown looked complately different. There were no any one there. The enemies already left the palce. It was full of bushes.
They said,”Sima-sima nalungun.” They all kept on saying that. It means the quiet place. Slowly the place was named Simalungun, which is from the words sima-sima nalungun.

Kesuma (Folklore From East Java)

The story told us about a husband and a wife named Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. They had been married for years and they did not have any children yet. They waanted to have children, they prayed to gods everyday. And finally Joko Seger had a vision. His wife would be pregnant if he meditated in a cave. However, a lion lived in the cave. Joko Seger fought with the lion. He won! Later he meditated in the cave. Now, do you want to know if Joko Seger and Roro really had some children?
Joko Seger was meditating. Later, he heard a voice.
“Joko Seger, all the Gods agreed to give you children, lots of children.”
“Really? Thank you very much,” said Joko Seger happily.
“But there is one condition you have to do.”
“Say it. I will do anything as long as you give me lots of children,” said Joko Seger.
“You will have 25 children. But you have to sacrifice one of them when they are adult.”
“I agree,” said Joko Seger without any doubts. He was so happt that Gods would give them 25 children. He thought sacrificing one of them would not to be a problem. He would still have 24 children.

At home, Joko Seger told his wife about his conversation with the god. And Roro Anteng could not say anything. After all, he husband had promised to Gods. She just hoped that they would never have to sacrifise one child.

Later, Roro Anteng was pregnant. They had a baby! Joko Seger and Roro Anteng were very happy. The first baby was followed by others babies. Sometimes, the babies were born twins and other times the babies were born triplets. And the couple finally had 25 children! They were extremely happy.

And when the children were grown up, Joko Seger had a dream. He talked to the God.
“Joko Seger, remeber your promise. I want you to bring one of your children to the crater of Bromo Mountain. Sacrifice your child there. If you don”t keep you promise, the mountain will erupt and destroy everything.”

Joko Seger wake up from his sleep. He was restless. He then talked to all his children about his promise.

“No, father. I don’t want to die,” said the oldest.
“I don’t eather, Father,” said another child.

All the children refused to be sacrified. Joko Seger did not have the heart to force them. He loved all his children. Suddenly, the youngest child talked. His name was Kesuma.
“Please let me do it, Father. I love our family and the people of Tengger. But please, commemorate my sacrifice. Every year, please hold a ceremony and provide some offerings to the creater of Bromo Mountain,” said Kesuma.

Kesuma was a very good son. He was obedient to his parents and very kind to the other people. All the villagers loved him. He was kind and always helped other people.
Kesuma went to the crater. He jumped and he was swallowed by fire. Everybody was sad. And they all were very thankful to Kesuma. Because of him, their place was safe from the eruption of Bromo Mountain.

Until now, once a year the people of Tengger always hold a ceremony to commemorate Kesuma. They bring offerings to the crater of Bromo Mountain.